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NYC’s Summer Streets and Baltimore Bike Events

A brief report on NYC’s Summer Streets from one of our correspondents:


I recently returned from NYC’s Summer Streets event. I was particularly impressed with their safety education effort which included teaming with the state trucking association to allow bicyclists and pedestrians to sit in one of two trucks and better see the blind spots that limit truck drivers vision. NYC and New York State have also recently passed a requirement for a new mirror which provides additional visibility of pedestrians and bicyclists immediately in front of  and to the right of truck cabs.

In addition to truck safety, the City was also giving away hundreds, if not thousands, of bicycle helmets to children and adults who formed a line a block long to get the helmets. Overall the event was very impressive, but obviously one which required a LOT of funding and NYC used a consultant (Lead Dog Marketing) to organize much of the event and they, in turn, hired some assistance from staffing agencies and also recruited and managed volunteers.

While a potential summer streets event in Baltimore would probably be on a much smaller scale than NYC’s event, there’s a lot we can learn from New York’s marketing and safety education programs and inter-agency coordination efforts.

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