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Q and A with Anthony Marinos of Zipcar

Baltimore Zip Car Locations (click to enlarge)

Here’s a quick interview with Anthony Marinos, a Marketing Manager at Zipcar.

How does Zipcar compare to renting through a traditional car rental service?

We really like to think of Zipcar as a replacement for a personally owned car, rather than a replacement for a rental car. The fact that our cars are in the neighborhood, available by the hour with gas, insurance and parking included makes Zipcar a convenient and cost effective alternative to owning a car, especially if you only need one a few hours a week.

How many subscribers do you have so far in Baltimore? What’s your target enrollment within the next year?

We’re not at liberty to disclose the total number of members in the Baltimore area, but we have strong programs already in place at Johns Hopkins, Towson and Goucher. We will work hard to increase awareness of Zipcar among as many people as we can in the city in the coming weeks and months to drive more memberships and use.

Say I want to take a road trip to North Carolina – is this possible using Zipcar?

Our focus is on people who need a car for a few hours at a time. If you wanted to take a week long trip out of state, you’d probably want to rent a car. But if you need a car for a few hours – whether it’s for a trip to Whole Foods or Ikea, Zipcar is perfect.  We do allow members to reserve a car for up to four days at a time, however.

 Are there any plans to expand service to neighborhoods like Canton, Patterson Park, or Federal Hill?

We hope to be able to serve a wide variety of communities and neighborhoods in the city. We’re starting with the locations we announced this week, and will expand to others based on demand and interest from members and non-members alike. Our partnership with the city will be very helpful to helping source parking spots in these additional neighborhoods