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Sightings: Garbage on the Promenade

Exhibit A: Garbage

While walking along the promenade, I saw this; a dumpster on a private parking lot blocking the vista between the Inner Harbor and the new Ritz Carleton extension. While the structure doesn’t block the walkway itself, it does create a visual obstruction which, for those unfamiliar with the promenade, may indicate a dead-end for east bound pedestrians.

These small things make the pedestrian experience seem like an after-thought and detract from one of the best waterfronts in the country. Baltimore Brew has a good article about this very same issue on a larger scale near the Harborplace pavilions.

  • Nate Evans

    A dumpster relocation or camoflague is in order. At the very least, signs directing to the Promenade are in order

  • Paul Day

    I think you could have a million blog posts about this topic. As a walker, I can say that especially downtown pedestrians have a lot of obstacles.

  • Mark

    I plan to make this a regular feature. I probably won't run out of material.

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