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Donald Shoup

Guaranteed Parking, Guaranteed Driving

Also, a Transportation Alternatives study compares travel habits of two NYC neighborhoods. It finds off-street parking availability dramatically increases auto mode share even when all other neighborhood variables would indicate higher transit use. (Link to PDF here)

Indicators such as income, car ownership, density, government employment, and the difference between drive and transit times to the central business district (CBD) predict a higher share of auto commuting by Park Slope residents. Yet Jackson Heights residents are 45% more likely to drive to work in the Manhattan CBD and 28% more likely to commute by car in general.

Some Links For Your Thanksgiving

-The great UCLA professor Donald Shoup discusses the ills of free parking and why it will destroy society.

-Making their way across America by bike, Laura Crawford and Russ Roca are my heroes.

-The beauty of statistics presented in compelling narratives which shows the story of global public health progress over hundreds of years at Gapminder.

-Finally, a video having nothing to do with any of this: Alain de Botton, a Swiss novelist and philosopher, discussing what it means to be content and successful in an individualistic society. Now that I’m back in the northeast, I’m picking up the habit of asking people what they do for a living at the very beginning of conversations. I sorta hate that. Maybe I need more time back in small southern cities.